Frenchtown's Food Business Incubator

The KitchenShare incubator is the region's only food-focused start-up program. Our 12-week food entrepreneur course offers motivated individuals the foundation to launch a successful concept and the industry contacts to guide its progress. Facilitators match students with mentors for an additional 12 weeks of support. A small number of competitive fellowships provide extended resources for marketing, packaging, certifications, and product development. The inaugural cohort is underway. The next application period will open Spring 2020.

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Commercial Processing, Storage, & Supply Chain Support

The KitchenShare second-stage processing facility includes three production kitchens, a packaging room, cold and dry storage, and business support services. Affordable hourly rental secured access, and online scheduling makes KitchenShare the resource you've been waiting for to take your food business to the next level. A conference room is available for client meetings, and a system for local supply and sales support is in the works.

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A Game-Changer for Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses

KitchenShare is open to everyone. We welcome new concepts, and want to see Tallahassee become Florida's city for diverse food adventures. By supporting the development of women- and minority-owned businesses, and giving priority to the creation of equitable access to opportunity, we are on a mission to make our community richer, more cohesive, and more resilient. We want to see our food dollars continue to circulate locally. We want to see all families able to enjoy a high quality of life. We want to live in a creative landscape and cultural experience that makes us excited to get up every morning. Sound delicious? Let's get cooking.

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