Food Incubator

KitchenShare is a certified, communal kitchen rental program for local food artists who want to get serious about their craft. Heritage Hub, a local food support system designed to diversify Tallahassee’s economy, offers programs that help level the barriers to entrepreneurial entry. KitchenShare provides the operational space and support services needed to get an idea off the ground or take a cottage business to the next level.

What is Kitchen Share Incubator?

Kitchen Share Incubator is both similar and different to a Commercial Kitchen for rent. It is similar to a Kitchen Share for rent because it generally offers a similar venue that consists of comparable space, equipment, registration process, rules and regulations just as a Commercial Kitchen does. A kitchen incubator differs from a in being more focused on using its resources to help entrepreneurs start and expand their food-based businesses. It is a launch pad as well as cooking space. Kitchen Share provides its clients with an opportunity to start or expand a food-based business. Our facility has been inspected, approved, and licensed by a local jurisdictional health department or other authority prior to our clients selling food to the public. Our facility also has updated policies and procedures that adhere to all relevant Health and Safety regulations.

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